interactive Interior


Interactive objects are an integral part of modern investment today and this trend is going to intensify in the future. Having many years of experience in the specificity of operating interactive installations in public spaces, we can offer robust solutions that guarantee the desired effect while being visionary at the same time.

In the above concept design, the elegant and surprising interiors of the freely accessible audiovisual, modern spaces as well as the Eco spaces symbolize the ongoing coexistence of nature and man in a dynamic and modern world. Composite interiors create an active but not invasive background for the work and leisure of building users - a background which, through its innovative and interactive nature, stimulates, inspires creative thinking and, above all, encourages the integration of users through Interactive objects that interact with both units and groups.

Moreover, through its spontaneous nature, interactive systems will engage the participants and cause the whole space to be vibrant, while leaving the enclaves for those who are inclined to contemplate and calm down. Spaces are imitating organic processes of nature. Although the two storeys are separated from each other by access control, their organic arrangement allows them to be aware of their function and character.



Manufacturer of audiovisual and interactive systems in the public and theatrical space, made for Mabel Octobre (France); Confluences, Lieu d'engagement Artistique, Paris; L'apostrophe - Théâtre des Arts; Cergy, Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil; Le Grand R Theatre, La Roche-sur-Yon; Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Genève; Domu Spotkań z Historią i innych. Autor wielkoformatowych pokazów 3D. Laureat Grand Prix na Festival des Bains Numeriques #9, Enghien les Bains, Francja.


She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Poznań University of Technology and the Faculty of New Media Art at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology. She creates works combining architecture with multimedia giving them a timeless expression. She has worked on office and public buildings projects in: expansion of the "Nowy Świat" Banking and Finance Center in Warsaw for an office-retail / service building with an underground car park with accompanying infrastruture; Reconstruction and expansion of D.T. Smyk for commercial and service-office function on plot no.114 within 5-03-11 located at Al. Jerozolimskie, Krucza, Bracka M.St. Warsaw; Complex of office buildings with commercial and service functions and an underground garage together with the accompanying technical infrastructure at ul. Sienna and Towarowa in M.St. Warsaw; A complex of residential and service buildings at ul. A straight corner of Towarowa in Warsaw.

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